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How $2,388 spent on Senior Sign can
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At Senior Sign, we work hard to free up management time and remove operational headaches surrounding paperwork. Last year, we worked alongside an 80-bed AL and MC community in our area. They have an all-star marketing manager that’s committed to keeping occupancy levels high. In 2017, this marketing manager found and admitted 51 new residents (roughly 1 new resident per week for the entire year).

For each new resident, this marketing manager spent an average of 4 hours on operational tasks like following-up with residents, calling physicians, re-typing handwritten responses into their management system, and lots and lots of coordinating with out-of-state family members.

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We calculated that if she had instead used Senior Sign to handle the admit process, she could have spent those same 5 weeks finding more residents. And given her great track record, 5 additional weeks could mean 5 additional residents. At the studio apartment price of $3,500 per month, those 5 additional residents could mean at least an additional $420,000 in revenue for her company over the next two years (average length of stay).

That means that for $2,388—the annual cost of Senior Sign for her community—this marketing manager could have generated an additional $420,000 in new revenue. Talk about a great return on investment!

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