So how does it work?

We’ve included all of the benefits of your current paperwork process without all of the paperwork headaches. Our setup process is meant to take you from the starting line, through launch day, and into the future.

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how it works

Eliminate the Paperwork with Senior Sign

The same easy steps you're used to. Imagine all of the benefits that come when each of these steps are handled electronically.

Start by adding a resident and assigning a packet. Pre-fill and prepare all agreements. If needed, send physician forms.
Next, resident and family sign agreements online or in-person. Manager signs on behalf of community or forwards for signature.
Now collect and attach resident cards and directives. Receive and attach any physician forms and/or medication lists.
Finally, review completed packet. Now print, download, and export signed forms as required. You’re finished!
Getting Setup| Learn more about getting your documents setup and your staff trained.
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Looking for more than just software?

Our ideal customer needs more than just another software to implement. Most come to us looking for additional help. Sometimes that includes modifying current document layout for electronic use. Sometimes that's just setup and training. Other times it may be standardizing the admissions process across an entire organization. Ultimately, you need a partner that can handle the full implementation, and that's the team at Senior Sign.

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