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True Automation

No more hand cramps from filling out the basics over, and over, and over again. Our team builds your smart forms to capture resident information just once and then add it to all remaining documents. Type it once and it's everywhere!

Never Miss a Move-in

Waiting on physicians is a thing of the past. No more phone calls or waiting rooms to meet move-in dates. A friendly message is sent at automated intervals to help move residents and physicians along in the signing process. Our physician portal features the added benefit of direct upload for easier sharing of medication lists, physicals, and medical histories.

Worldwide Convenience

When your entire process lives online, completion can happen from anywhere in the world. That means that out-of-state family can help mom and dad review and even sign documents without having to be in the same room.

We're here to serve and help you in any way we can! So, to better meet the needs of our communities—at the moment they need us—we've implemented live chat from right within your community portal. Anytime you need us, we're just a quick click away!

Safety and Security

With SSL encryption and our high-class server infrastructure, we can ensure that documents and resident information are locked down and kept safe and secure. Full HIPAA compliance means resident information is protected and stored online for a minimum of 7 years. And with Senior Sign, every form in your move-in packet includes our comprehensive audit trail. Valuable information like timestamp, login profile, and IP address are captured for every interaction with every document. LEARN MORE

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