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Streamline your admission forms with Senior Sign.

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The Latest from Senior Sign

With our latest release, we’ve improved upon old features and added some great new ones.
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Electronic Signature

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We threw together a clean new look to match all of our great new features.

Fresh New Design

We've simplified the electronic signature process for a better resident experience.

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Faster Completion

More pre-populated fields than ever before. Now every doc gets finished in record time.

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Improved Security

We’ve improved upon our already tight ship in terms of security and compliance.

More Features

We took all of the WORK out of PAPERWORK.

New residents are great, but all of the paperwork required for move-in can be a major pain. Most communities waste a lot of time, money, and of course paper when admitting a new resident. That’s why streamlining the process makes so much sense. Our smart forms make completing paperwork faster and easier for residents, and extra convenient when working with out-of-state family.

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Are you looking for more than just software?

Our ideal customer needs more than just another software to implement. Most are looking for someone to modify their current documents for electronic use. They expect someone with platform experience to build and test those new documents. And they want help standardizing the admissions process across their entire organization. Ultimately, they need a partner that can handle the full implementation.

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